Digidea is a solution partner that comes up with solutions to its business partners which thinks, speaks, researches on life and also loves to be excited about it. Doing all these while taking “to contribute” for a good life as its goal.



Digital & Creative Services

Digital & Creative Services

Thinking healthily, looks digitally, designs innovatively, shares sincerely.


Product Development

Product Development

Designs new generation products and puts them into the service to respond business partners


Consultation & Education

Consultation & Education

Following the developments in the digital world, transforms its experience into an advantage for its business partners.

Our services


1. Film

Production, Video, Animation


2. Design

Concept, Digital Design, Logo

Marketing Communication

3. Marketing Communication

360 Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing

Digital Projects

4. Digital Projects

AR-VR Technologies, Education Simulation, Streaming Technologies


5. Website

Project Development, Creation, Content Management

Mobile Application

6. Mobile Application

Project Development, Creation, Content Management

Social Media

7. Social Media

Social Media Management, Social Media Listening, Influencer Marketing

Digital Events

8. Digital Events

Stand Events, Interactive Platforms, 3D Technologies

About us

Our expertise

Guidance to the world of the future!

We love how digital world gives us the independency from time and space and we believe in the power of healthy communication.

‎ Life is digitalizing rapidly, as of the production processes; from R&D and to the field work, in every stage there is a digital transformation going on. In order to answer the needs of this era and to make this transformation happen healthier, the projects should be handled by a multi-dimensional thinking from the idea stage with a perspective that knows and understands the sector well. As Digidea, it is our primary mission to guide our business partners through digital world, whom wish to catch the soul of the time and be the leader to the future.


Digidea, products and implements performance-oriented ideas on three branches of digital marketing (web, mobile and social media). Digital ROI consultation, Digital Strategy Partnerships, Internet Marketing, Special Softwares, E-Congress and E-Doctor Applications, Targeted Social Media Projects, Multi Channelled Sales and Marketing Models, IVR Systems, Video and Corporate Films and for the leverage points of a brand, cost-effective digital solutions are put into practice by Digidea.

Aiming to give a “healthy communication” service to the health sectors’ shareholders, upon requirements and expectations Digidea is proud to present products like MESLEKTASINASOR.COM, DECISION TOOL, DIGITAL CHECK UP, DIGIMEET which are designed for the good of the sector.

Digital marketing, creates a big difference on strategical partnership and ‎multichannel marketing.
Thinks digitally and creatively and talks face to face!
Thinks healthy communication is valuable!
Where the digital world goes, it is there.
Likes to explore the extra-realistic virtual world by putting on the VR headset.
If needed, it can ask for advice to “someone who knows the deal” and join forces with them.

We Love Numbers

We’ve collected data’s on some of the lovely details until today!


coffees were drunk


meetings done


designs created


lines of code written


As a person who is going through the same process, I passed most of my years thinking of the goal of my life, of the dreams that I accomplished myself, what are the connections that strengthens my link with life. And I found out that over those years, I enjoyed producing and making something valuable. After that I linked this strong urge with the fields I had proficiency at and I decided to focus on the health sector. I recognized the service I can give to those in the health sector; patients, patient relatives, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and all the other shareholders.

Producing healthy ideas for a good life; is one way to be a companion on road with the ones shaping the medical world… We continue working with passion for; a correct diagnosis, a conscious patient relative, a patient whose motivation is high and for a doctor who needs information to flow quickly around them in their busy schedule.

Not only to work in the creative and digital fields but also within the services we make through the products we are developing under contributing researches which are contributing to the health sector… Without limiting ourselves with Turkey, in the global arena also to create the combatting of every kind of illness, continuous production… in short, this is our vision!

For us a patients’ story is actually Digidea’s story; it identifies the borders and commitments of our work; to open a way to a healthy life through healthy communication, even with a little contribution to give this story the excitement of succession is priceless. Because of this we are proud of working madly.

Our existence adventure started at 2014 and goes on with new stories we’ve created with numerous companies and brands, it is going on, it will go on and on. Our road is long for sure...


Our products

  • Digimeet

    As an online platform with interactive participation through internet, Digimeet is used for different purposes such as; conferences, seminars, launching events, meetings, education, in-house communication. It allows the users to interact simultaneously with each other and with the place the event is held and with the parties present in the event.

  • Meslektaşına Sor

    As a first in its field, brings doctors and specialist physicians to their own digital consultation platform to increase their medical experience. With voice and video chat features we serve parties with a multi-directional communication space for subject and case share, it is beyond borders.

  • Digital Check-up

    Digital Check-up

    It is an online tool for the pharmaceutical companies to detect products’ digital predisposition and reports the needs in order to reach this potential.

  • Digital Opinion Leader Project

    Digital Opinion Leader Project

    Digital Opinion Leader Project which aims to contribute to the awareness of society through prominent doctors, shares its original content through Digidea with target audience. In the Project, the effective transmission of the messages are measured.



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